Price list for eTest licenses

Number of participants UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of taken exams (tests) monthly 120/mo280/mo.750/mo.2500/mo.10000/mo.
Number of active groups in exams 4832128256
Number of editors / educators / administrators 1382050
Storage for materials and PDF archive
(1000 tests in archive takes approximately 1 GB)
1 Gb3 Gb5 Gb15 Gb50 Gb
Download of taken tests and attendant groups in PDF format.
Automatically create a group of students from an Excel list
Usage of your personal logo and corporation name
Creating documentation for printing according to your specifications and look by the offerby the offer2 documents included in the price
API (ability to connect to eTest files with your existing programms)
User support ( hours / days ) email only8/58/512/512/7
12,00 EUR/mo.
9,60 EUR/mo.

32,00 EUR/mo.
25,60 EUR/mo.
80,00 EUR/mo.
64,00 EUR/mo.
160,00 EUR/mo.
128,00 EUR/mo.
320,00 EUR/mo.
256,00 EUR/mo.

* The free license is really free and you do not need to enter any payment information. You can deactivate and/or delete your eTest account at any time.

* When the period in which your eTest license is valid expires, the account will not be deleted, and your data is in the retention period for the next 6 months. For free licenses, the data retention period is 1 month. Access to all data during the retention period is possible for administrators, educators and editors, while participants in this period do not have access to the platform. You can reactivate your eTest account at any time with one of the licenses offered.

License prices do not include VAT. Invoices are submitted in digital form.

We have included in all eTest licenses:

  • GDPR Agreement on Compliance with the EU GDPR Regulation on Privacy, Retention and Processing of Personal Data
  • SLA contract on Maintenance of technical functionality and availability of 99.9% of the total time of use
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Ability to download solved tests and documentation in PDF format
  • Customer support for you and attendees