1. The Terms and Conditions apply to the website www.eTest.hr with all sub-domains and websites and applications for mobile phones belonging to the domain www.eTest.hr hereinafter referred to as the eTest.hr website
  2. The eTest.hr web site is owned by IN3BIT Ltd., hereinafter referred to as IN3BIT.
  3. User is any person who accesses and / or uses the services of the etest.hr website, which means unregistered users, registered users and business entities that use the services on eTest.hr on a contractual basis.


  5. At eTest.hr, a user registers and / or leases a license through his e-mail address.
  6. Users are not permitted to use someone else's address, someone else's information and impersonate themselves when registering.
  7. IN3BIT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information obtained during the user registration process.
  8. When registering, the first e-mail address to register with eTest.hr becomes an admin address. All subsequent users of the same legal entity (organization) can be registered (administered) for eTest.hr exclusively through the administrator account.
  9. IN3BIT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information obtained when registering for the use of the eTest.hr web application.
  10. Lease of license

  11. The User may place an order for the Service using the eTest Page. Similarly, the order can be made by IN3BIT d.o.o. at the request of the User. The user may submit the request to eTest support only in writing (by e-mail to: support@etest.hr or by opening a support inquiry through the Customer site). eTest will upon customer's request, submit a quote for the ordered Services.
  12. The beginning of the lease is considered to be the moment of making the payment, after which the duration of the leased package lasts according to the selected package (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).
  13. Charges for using the eTest.hr application are created and delivered in digital form, in accordance with the chosen license package and the selected payment cycle (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).
  14. Payment for the service is enabled by eCommerce card transactions or bank transfer.
  15. If the user (administrator) chooses to switch to a higher package before the expiration of the previously selected payment cycle, only the difference between the lower and higher packages will be calculated.
  16. If the user (administrator) chooses to change to a lower package before the expiration of the previously selected payment cycle, the difference of the package will not be calculated.
  17. Service cancelation

  18. When the period in which the license is valid expires, your eTest account remains activated, and the data is in the retention period for the next 6 months. For free licenses, the data retention period is 1 month. Access to all data for the administrator, educators and editors during the retention period is possible, while participants in this period do not have access to the platform.
  19. By personal request for cancellation of the Service (User License) by the User, the data may be permanently deleted at the request of the user in accordance with the GDPR provision or left for a maximum of 90 days from the moment of the request for cancellation of the Service.
  20. The request for cancellation of the Service may be made by the user independently through the eTest application interface or by a written request to support@etest.hr. If the User also wishes to permanently delete all his / her data prior to the expiration of the paid license, he / she will have to undergo double authentication and may expect a phone call.
  21. Transgressions

  22. Users are strictly prohibited from:
    • Posting, sending, and sharing information that a visitor knows or suspects to be fraudulent and could be harmful to other users.
    • Misrepresentation, or representation on behalf of another legal or natural person.
    • Publishing, submitting and sharing copyrighted content.
    • Publish, send, and share unsolicited content to users without their consent or through fraud.
    • Knowingly post, send, and share content that contains viruses or similar computer files or programs.
    • Collect, store and publish personal information of other portal visitors and users.
    • Promoting hatred, racism, violence, sexually explicit content to minors, content that mobs other users, and other forms of content deemed inadmissible by IN3BIT are not allowed.
  23. The user who promotes the above will be alerted and deactivated if necessary.
  24. Inappropriate content can be reported via the "Report Test" button or by email to support at support@etest.hr
  25. Complaints

  26. Users send all complaints to support@etest.hr, and they are processed in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection.

  28. By accessing this site, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of use of the eTest.hr website, and if you do not agree to them, please do not use our site. We reserve the right to change, modify and amend the terms of use of these sites at any time. The changes take effect at the time of publication. The User is obliged to regularly read the Terms and Conditions of Use and it is considered that by accessing the eTest.hr site he is familiar with the current rules and conditions of
  29. IN3BIT claims copyright on all its content (text, visual and audio materials, databases and code).
  30. IN3BIT reserves the right to change the content of this website and will not be responsible for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. All users agree that accessing and using this website and any related website and content of the same at their own risk.
  31. IN3BIT may disable or restrict users from accessing this site during modification, maintenance or in the event of a technical error on the site, if the user uses this site in a way not supported by these legal notices or if the user acts in a manner that IN3BIT does not find fit or jeopardizes the operation of this website in any way.
  32. For the purpose of using the services of the eTest.hr web site, the user agrees to register and fill in the necessary information and contact information in the registration form. The collection of the requested information is conducted in accordance with the needs of the service for which the user has registered and given consent by agreeing to these Terms of Use.
  33. The user guarantees the accuracy of the provided information with criminal and material liability and is obliged to keep the information accurate and up-to-date. By registering on eTest.hr, the user permits the storage, use and processing of the aforementioned data for the purpose of system operation, sending system messages and communicating with customer support via electronic mail and telephone. eTest.hr undertakes to use this information only for the purposes for which it was obtained and in
  34. The user has the right at any time to request the closure of his account and deletion of data. eTest.hr will close that user's account 24 hours after submitting the request, unless the user withdraws from the closing within the specified period.
  35. eTest.hr takes care of the protection of personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and the Privacy Policy which regulates in more detail the collection of personal data, their usesage, security, storage, deletion, transfer and use of tools.
  36. In order to improve its service and keep user licenses active, IN3BIT uses and analyzes the information it has about its users.
  37. eTest.hr, as an additional feature for licensed users, offers the ability to notify their users via email. IN3BIT d.o.o. takes no responsibility for timely or detailed notification of users (eg if sent email from the eTest server arrives at the recipient's SPAM inbox, etc.).
  38. IN3BIT will make reasonable efforts to keep the www.etest.hr Web site and its related pages fully functional and that all published information is accurate and complete, but is not responsible for the occasional malfunctioning of the site, possible inaccuracy of the information, or for any damage resulting from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information or inability to access it.
  39. IN3BIT shall not be liable for any damages that may result from interruption of availability,deletion of content or misuse of user data.
  40. IN3BIT is not responsible for any costs that may appear by the user that may arise from the use of the eTest.hr Web site and the eTest mobile phone application.
  41. IN3BIT will not be liable for failure to comply with any provision of the Terms if it is the result of force majeure - events beyond the control of the parties and independent of their will, directly affecting the performance of obligations under the Contract, the occurrence of which is not due to negligence of the party and could not even be foreseen nor to avoid, including wars, riots, uprisings, civil unrest, natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, floods, explosions, lack of personnel or mate
  42. IN3BIT will do everything possible to minimize the consequences of force majeure.
  43. No matter all the provisions of these Terms, the lack of financial resources shall not be considered force majeure, nor will any force majeure remove the Client's liability for payment of the obligations incurred.
  44. IN3BIT has no control over the content of third party legal or natural websites linked to this site or through which the user may have accessed this website, and disclaims all responsibility with respect to the accuracy, completeness and availability of content on third party created websites .

  46. These Terms of Use apply from March 1, 2020.
  47. All comments or complaints to Article 11a. you can submit the Consumer Protection Act in writing to: the address of the company headquarters: Vinogradska cesta 2 / F, Slavonski Brod or by email to: podrska@etest.hr We are obliged to respond to the complaint within the time limit set by the Consumer Protection Act.

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