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PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT respects the privacy of its users and visitors to the Website. We take it very seriously and pay great attention to the safekeeping of information. User information will not be available to a third party unless such obligation is regulated by law. We fully comply with the GDPR regulations, which we confirm here with the official Privacy Statement.

SECURITY OF YOUR DATA protects your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information on computer servers is stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • You provide us with personal information at your own risk and must be kept up to date
  • You are responsible for accessing the services and the site. Keep your usernames and passwords safe!
  • If you think that your privacy has been compromised in any way, please contact our support as soon as possible!


By entering your personal information in the provided fields, you consent to the use of the information provided for the purpose for which it was provided. The information we are looking for to give you a better user experience during registration is: first name, last name, email address, username and password. If needed, Company name.

We also collect account-related information such as your license, license lease date, service expiration date, customer support queries, and, where appropriate, our employees' phone numbers and notes collected during the interview, related to inquiries.

We also collect analytical data that does not contain personal information, but allows us to provide a better quality service, such as the Internet browser you use, your location, the device with which you browse the site, the operating system, etc.

DATA WE DO NOT COLLECT does not seek, collect or process information of a particularly sensitive nature such as sexual orientation, religious orientation, family information, health status, ethnic or national origin, etc.


The protection of personal data implies that we may use your information only for certain reasons and that we must have a legal basis for it. We process the collected information solely for the purpose for which it was collected, for the purpose for which you gave your consent and for purposes based on legal grounds, the legitimate interest of the processing manager and / or the Terms of Use.

Below are the reasons why we process your information:

  • improving and optimizing our sites and our services
  • diagnosing problems
  • identification of security risks and errors
  • protection against fraud
  • collecting statistics about services
  • analysis of services in order to maintain and improve the quality of services
  • e-mail messaging
  • news in business, our services, actions, etc.
  • telephone calls

We use Google Analytics to monitor the use of our sites and services, and to generate user activity reports in order to track the popularity of the services and to improve the services themselves.

  • Website usage information
  • Ordering and payment information
  • Cookies


User information will not be available to a third party unless such obligation is regulated by law. All persons who have access to your information have an obligation to maintain confidentiality within the contractual relationship, as well as to implement organizational and technical protection measures.

Analytics data is available to Google analytics.


At any time, you can request the deletion of personal information collected as a result of using the eTest service, thereby deleting your account (no refund).

A request to delete and restrict processing may be denied if we cannot verify your identity as the owner of the personal data or if there are other legal restrictions.


On the website, we use the so-called cookies - text files placed on the user's computer by an Internet server used by the user. Cookies are used for functioning of all the features of the website and provide a better user experience, and may be temporary (stored only during website visits) or permanent (remain on the user's computer after the visit).

Third-party cookies are used by to obtain statistics on attendance and usage of our website. The information that is collected includes the user's IP address, browser, language, operating system information, and other standard information that is collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and mass formats. The website does not contain cookies that allow you to run programs or install viruses on your computer. The site i


On you can find links that will take you to the pages of other providers not covered by our Privacy Policy.

If you left our site by following the link, please be aware of their privacy policies and how they protect your personal information.

CHANGES NOTIFICATIONS AND CONTACT will be glad to receive your comments and suggestions regarding this Statement, as well as other comments. You can contact us at: These policies may be amended from time to time, and changes to the Policy will be posted with this Privacy Policy under this item.